CU Boulder freshman Jenna Baker, who authored a petition asking the university to expel Roberson, posted an update on April 12 on celebrating the change in status.

“This is a huge win for all the victims of Deuce already on campus and for all the girls who could’ve easily been victimized by him if CU didn’t come to their senses,” Baker wrote. “I have serious doubts that [the] El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will investigate any allegations, despite multiple women like me directly trying to work with them. ”

In this update, Baker also said Roberson has been “removed from CU.” She later updated the post to clarify Roberson was removed from the team and not allowed on campus.

Prior to leaving the team, Roberson was listed as “away” from the football team and was restricted from going on campus starting in late February, according to university and CU Boulder Police Department officials.

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