This is Isa Jones’ third year at CUI. She has served as a news reporter,entertainment reporter and Breaking News Editor. She is a senior news-editorial and English major. She has a fear of contracting scurvy and being trapped in walk-in freezers, but that rarely interferes with her reporting. Isa enjoys morning runs, whiskey sours, baseball and avoiding homework at all costs. Her goal is to be able to write and travel frequently, and never work somewhere involving cubicles or the phrase “9 to 5.” Available at @theisajones and on About.me.Contact CU Independent Managing Editor Isa Jones at Alexandra.I.Jones@colorado.edu


Rob Denton is a junior news-editorial major at CU in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and is the editor of visual content with the CU Independent. He has previously worked on his award winning high school yearbook, the Aerie of Mountain Vista High School, where he found his love for photojournalism. He has also interned with Rich Clarkson & Associates, a multimedia firm in Denver, and at the Greeley Tribune. While not taking photos for the CUI, Rob enjoys taking photos of just about everything else, being joyful and watching The Dark Knight. Find more Rob on Twitter or feel free to check out his portfolio.Contact CU Independent Visual Content Editor Robert R. Denton at Robert.Denton@colorado.edu


Stephanie Riesco is a senior news-editorial major with a minor in technology, arts and media. She has written for CUI for over two years, specifically working as an editor for the entertainment section. She has interned at Yellow Scene Magazine, New Hope Natural Media, and Warren Miller. Stephanie enjoys marathoning Breaking Bad, oatmeal cookies, big adorable dogs, midnight movies, and having more than enough room when parallel parking. She is available at her website and @StephanieRiesco.Contact Managing Editor Stephanie Riesco at Stephanie.Riesco@colorado.edu


Avalon Jacka is a senior at the University of Colorado. After growing up in the foothills outside of Denver, Avalon is ready to move to “the big city” after graduation.  Hopefully this move will take her to Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. In ten years, she hopes to either be reporting for a major U.S. newspaper like the L.A. Times or the Chicago Tribune, or writing a column for Rolling Stone.  Her ultimate life goal is to become Liz Lemon.  When she isn’t busy writing news stories for class or studying for a Russian test, Avalon can be found crocheting, drawing, singing or DJing for Radio 1190.Contact CU Independent Entertainment Editor Avalon Jacka at Avalon.Jacka@colorado.edu


Bethany Morris is a junior English major who began working with the CU Independent last semester. After leaving the beautiful state of Texas for the mountains of Colorado, she finds that Boulder is the place for her- for now. She loves to read all kinds of books in addition to the required reading that is demanded by her major. When she’s not studying or reading, she loves to go out with her friends. Living life to the fullest is the first item on her bucket list and she hopes to fulfill that with an international career in journalism. Contact CU Independent Breaking News Editor Bethany Morris at Bethany.Morris@colorado.edu


Alyx Saupe is a freshman studying broadcast production at the University of Colorado. She is originally from California and hopes to call it home again after graduation. This is her second semester working at the CU Independent. She loves running, cooking, traveling, California, The Bachelor, and Christmas. Alyx hopes one day to work as a film producer. Contact CU Independent Asst. Breaking News Editor Alyx Saupe at Alyx.Saupe@colorado.edu


Patrick Fort is a junior, majoring in both journalism (news and editorial writing) and communication. When he isn’t working or studying, Patrick enjoys playing music with his friends, rock climbing or playing hockey. He will accept any Mariokart challenge. Contact CU Independent Entertainment Editor Patrick Fort at Patrick.Fort@colorado.edu


Ainslee MacNaughton is a junior majoring in journalism. She spends most semesters taking sociology, anthropology and English classes, hoping to find another major to complement her journalism degree. She hopes to work for travel magazines and spend time in various parts of the world, although she’ll never pass up a chance to go home to south Texas and eat barbecue. She thinks she’s funny, even if nobody else does, and enjoys puppies, popcorn kernels and not doing the dishes.Contact CU Independent copy editor Ainslee MacNaughton at Ainslee.Macnaughton@colorado.edu.


Scott Annis is a Junior at CU majoring in Creative Writing, and hoping to pursue a career in sports journalism. He grew up in Thornton, CO but has spent time living in the Bay Area and North Carolina. Scott spends most of his time focused on sports. When he isn’t writing about them or watching them he plays on the CU Rugby team. Follow Scott on Twitter @R_Scotty.Contact CU Independent Sports Editor Scott Annis at Robert.Annis@colorado.edu


Jillian Arja is a sophomore at CU majoring in Integrative Physiology. She is a huge Buffs fan and is now beginning her second semester on the CUI sports staff. One day, Jillian hopes to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. Outside of school, Jillian enjoys writing and sports, whether it is watching or playing them. Follow Jillian on Twitter @JillianArja Contact CU Independent Sports Editor Jillian Arja at Jillian.Arja@colorado.edu


Lizzy Hernandez is a sophomore news-editorial major, and this is her second year at the CUI. Her most cherished pastimes include rolling her eyes, writing snarky blog posts, making fun of people via Tweets, and laying in bed watching Netflix by herself. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where she wrote for the Las Vegas Review Journal, and after managing not to gamble her tuition away, finds herself here at CU. She hopes to write for various hip publications and own a great deal of felines. Contact CU Independent Opinion Editor Lizzy Hernandez at Elizabeth.Hernandez@colorado.edu


Yuchen Wu is a senior accounting student at CU. He is from north of China, a city very close to Shao Lin Temple. He loves journalism because it gives him an opportunity to see this world objectively as it is. He appreciates the truth, even though he thinks truth is the bottom of abyss. Through journalism, he cultivated a deep concern about people. He enjoys making his news involved with people, and he thinks the only solution to make the news better is by understanding them.Contact CU Independent Multimedia Editor Yuchen Wu atYuchen.Wu@colorado.edu.


Alison Noon is a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying journalism and political science. Contact CU Independent Copy Editor Alison Noon at Alisonn.Noon@colorado.edu


Kelly Katz is a Political Science and English major at the University of Colorado. This is her second semester with the CUI, and first semester as Copy Editor. A lover a coffee and travel, when she’s not writing you can usually find her watching Netflix or hiking around Boulder. Contact CU Independent Copy Editor Kelly Katz at Kelly.Katz@colorado.edu


Amy Leder is sophomore studying architectural engineering at CU and is the assistant photo editor at the CU Independent. She graduated from Cypress Creek High School in Houston Texas were she was the photo editor on the yearbook and newspaper staff. Upon receiving her first SLR camera in 7th grade Amy has found a true passion and pleasure in photography, and her friends say she is never seen with out a camera with her. Other than photography Amy enjoys being active and playing Frisbee with Kali, the CU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team.Contact CU Independent Assistant Visual Content Editor Amy E. Leder atAmy.Leder@colorado.edu.


Kai Casey is a really cool person. Contact CU Independent Asst. Photo Editor Kai Casey at Kai.Casey@colorado.edu


Jack Dillé is a senior at CU Boulder studying Humanities with an emphasis in Tech, Arts, & Media. In between classes, building websites, and jamming to electronic music, he recently joined the CUI staff as Webmaster and is looking forward to working on all sorts of media-related projects. Contact CU Independent IT Manager Jack Dille at Jack.Dille@colorado.edu


When Zach Cook isn’t writing or coding for the CUI, he is either busy climbing the 7000 steps on The Throat of the World, or installing new parts in his custom built PC. Academics and some blogging fit in there too. Follow him on twitter:https://twitter.com/Bulmung421 Contact CU Independent Asst. IT Manager Zach Cook at Zachary.Cook@colorado.edu


Taylor Meyers: This is my first semester working with the CUI. I’m a senior about to graduate in May in Media Studies. I am also getting my TAM Certificate and International Media Certificate. Born in Colorado my hobbies include snowboarding, yoga, music festivals, or anything outdoors! I’m looking forward to working with the CUI team my last semester!Contact CU Independent Social Media Editor Taylor Meyers at Taylor.Meyers@colorado.edu


My name is Sean Evora and it is my third year here at CU Boulder. Studying business administration, Marketing in the Leeds School of Business. From San Diego, CA. I enjoy surfing and snowboarding as well as playing guitar. Active member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Newly appointed Marketing Director for the CU
Independent.Contact CU Independent Marketing Director Sean Evora at Sean.Evora@colorado.edu